How I Got Here

I think it's amazing how the Lord's timing and YOUR timing are never really the same.
it's such a difficult concept to embrace, but once you truly embrace it...
it's the most beautiful concept imaginable.

i never would have thought i'd be here.
here: as in here in my life.
serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
i would entertain the idea of a mission occasionally,
but never thought it would actually come to pass.

that is....until i realized my plans and the Lord's plans are not the same.
His are much better than mine could ever be.

He knows where He wants me to be.
....he knows where i CAN be, and He takes me there
He takes my plans, hopes, dreams, ideas, and goals
and MAGNIFIES them.
he actually takes me where I need to be to accomplish them.
not just that, he knows that I have better things in store than my "simple" 

because truly,
I'm not here for me.
I'm not here to fulfill my plans,
I'm here to fulfill His.

and if I live my life letting Him guide me to where I need to be,
I will live the most beautiful life I could ever imagine.

and quite honestly,
that's how I got HERE.

in ukraine
(not yet...i'm in my bedroom typing this. my blog will be updated with my weekly e-mails and letters home by my lovely family members).

all i can say through my rambles and rants is that i love being HERE.
i love knowing that my purpose HERE is much bigger than simply being here, breathing.
(although just being here breathing is a lovely blessing).
i have work to do.
i have people to serve, love, and create friendships with.
i have a message to share:

He is my Redeemer, my Savior.

and i want everyone to know that.

cheers to this beautiful life.


Jasmine Sister Wallace

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