Wednesday, April 10, 2013


family!!!!!!! hello!!!!!!!!! privit yachee spravey?!

crazy that i'm here emailing you again already!! so fast and so slow at the same time. good grief, i have so much i could tell you....i just don't even know where to start! first of all...the bookstore is out of these dumb card reader i hope i can send the pictures that i have for you. i'm asking everyone if i can borrow one. anyways.

to start things off...super excited for david (divver) and his mission call!!!!!!! my guess is italy or north carolina. can't wait to hear! tell everyone hi for me :)

conference was so great. i loved every minute. it went by so at the mtc conference and any sort of devotional, or speaker, is amazing. i joke that it's like we're at a taylor swift concert, because everyone pretty much camps out to get in line for the main room. and people are intense when it comes to being at the front of the line. people will literally push you. so bizarre. anyways...i think my favorite talk was Uchtdorf's on saturday morning. it's kind of like the theme of my letter this week. i just loved how he talked about LIGHT. and radiating LIGHT, so that the darkness can't exist. That's how i feel. There is darkness, there always will be. There will always be hard times, hard things in life.....always. BUT that doesn't mean you have to choose to dwell there. That's how i feel about my mission. There are hard the LANGUAGE. there is darkness, but i just don't choose to dwell there. and it's been great. i've felt like i've been basking in sunlight for the past two weeks. and when i find myself in the shade...i just leave. there's this girl that i've become friends with from my floor...and last night she was like....can you just be unhappy for a second?! just be unhappy for like ten minutes with me. and i was like....sister stevens....why on earth would i choose to be unhappy...even for ten minutes?!?! i loved your quotes of the day, dad, they just fit in perfectly with how i've felt.

in other news....i went to the OUTSIDE WORLD yesterday. as you heard hahahahahahahahaha (sorry that they had to call you) my jaw has been killing me. mainly when i eat...which is unfortunate because eating is the best part of the day! ewwwwwwwww. anyways. it has been hurting to chew. so i went to a REAL,LIVE dentist in provo. i actually passed dad's work.....and waved. anyways, it was the weirdest thing of my life, because i'm just ME. I'm just jasmine. but for the first time i was not Jasmine to everyone in the world, i was a missionary. people would like smile at me for no reason. or be like, oh look, the missionaries! it was so strange. like, so strange. but i got to hear the radio in the dentist's office...and i LOVED it. normally bruno mars is not on my top tunes...but for yesterday...he made the cut. i was singing "it all just sounds like oooooooooo oooooooooo oooo ooooo oooooooooooooo" for hours. good news, my teeth will be healed. YAYYYYYYY. i'm just on some drugs. 4 times a day. but i'll be healed and right back on the fast track.

speaking of eating.....there is ice cream on wednesdays and sundays! the highlight of the mtc experience has been seeing an ice cream buffet today. i couldn't contain myself and i get to see laurel at almost every meal. we just sit and talk. or walk and talk. or like sprint across the room to talk. it's so great. she's getting re-assigned to a new mission today..because she's waiting for her visa. i love being with her here, because it just feels normal seeing her. just like we're at school or something.

i wish i could be like....oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh ukrainian is so easy! like, i'm fluent. ummmmm ask me to pray, or tell you good luck, i'm hungry, good morning/night/afternoon....or bear my testimony. other than that, i'm better at spanish. and i don't speak spanish. i just know more spanish words than ukrainian...only because of mexican cuisine terms. buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut it's okay! i'm just doing the best i can.......and that feels great. my biggest frustration has just been not being able to communicate what i want to with investigators. like...i know what i want to tell them in english. i know what i want to ask them. but i just can't. i can't, because i don't know how. for the first time in my life......I HAVE A HARD TIME COMMUNICATING!!!!!!! which is the point. i knew i would feel this way. so i'm like.....well good thing i already planned on feeling this way! so if you have any tips on how to conjugate ukrainian verbs and adjectives...send em' on over.

we get to listen to all these great devotionals, and one of the thoughts expressed at the last one was: imagine standing on the top of a cliff. God keeps asking you to come to the edge. but you're on a HUGE cliff. like you will die if you fall.
"come to the edge."
"i'll fall."
"come to the edge!"
"there's no way. i will fall."
"come to the edge."
so instead, he pushes you. he pushes you off the cliff..........and you fly.

oh, that just was the greatest story for me. God pushes me, because he knows i can fly. he knows i'm capable, and he's showing me that i am!!! i will keep going to the edge, because i know i cannot fall. and if i do, he won't let me hit the bottom. i know it.

oh, i just love you all. if you could maybe send me my pink comforter....that would make my life complete! i just have my sheets and the blanket mom made me for christmas, but my room is freezing at night. so that would be great. i'm sending you a letter in the mail. know that i love you. i think and talk about you all the time. thanks for the letters. thanks for the packages. thanks for the love. thanks for the prayers. i'm so happy. i'm so blessed. this is a wonderful life, and i'm so happy it's mine. sending lots of love your way.....happy p-day! (i tell that to everyone!!! and they just stare at me and go,"it's not even my p-day"). grumps.

welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll please send me dear elders. they make my day like the best. hopefully i can find a camera card reader in the next few minutes.

xoxoxoxoxoxox jazzy/sister wallace

oh, feel free to send laundry detergent, too. pressure. sorry that it seems like all i'm ever doing is asking for things......maybe because i am hahaahahahahahhahaha love you.

(Additional email that came through -sorry no pictures today)

welp. no card readers. the book store is FRESH OUT. no one wants to share theirs. because we only have so long to be on the computers....and everyone is being selfish. Christ-like, people! be Christ-like!!! grrrrrrrrrrr. i have pictures for you and i wish i could show you! it's so annoying that you need a card reader here. they don't trust us. who wouldn't trust ME?! wait, don't answer that. you can't just plug in your camera, or put in your memory chip. you have to have an actual CARD READER. so, if you know where to get one of should get one. and send it ASAP. then i can show you pictures next week. i just want you to see, you know?! the mtc is annoying sometimes. like LET ME SHOW PICTURES FROM MY CAMERAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

i'm trying to think of anything else i  can tell you while i watch the hourglass run out of time....................hmmmmm...................

 be expecting a letter. sending it in like thirty minutes?we're teaching volunteers ukrainian investigators tonight. like returned missionaries or native speakers.

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